What to do when your customer is wrong?

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We all have heard these phrases:. “The customer is king”, “The customer is always right”. Well, not really. The customer might be king, but they are not always right.

What to do when you are approached by a potential customer, asking for the wrong product or service? You probably try to advise them gently that what they want is not quite suitable and then you recommend a more appropriate solution. But what if they are adamant on what they ask? Would you just give what they ask? Sometimes it is ok to do so, other cases might require you to deny politely knowing that the use of the wrong product will be detrimental to well being, or might even backfire to your business good name.

But there are times, where you don’t know that the customer is asking the wrong thing. They simply ordered something and then they came back later saying it doesn’t work. Or worse, that the product is now damaged because of the wrong application.

Therefore, where appropriate for your business, it is recommended to do a little digging to ensure that what the customers are asking is really what they need.

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