Four things you must have before creating a mobile app for your Church

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Before you embark on engaging a developer to create a mobile app, you would need to ensure you have enough content to feed into the app. A mobile app is only as useful as the information that is accessible from within the app.
Only a maximum of 20% of the content should be static information such as the Church profile, location information, history, beliefs and mission statements, etc. The balance of 80% of the content should be dynamic, that is regularly updated. The following is a list of dynamic content for your Church app.

  1. Sermon videos and podcasts. This is the number one content feed that every Church mobile app must have. Members who missed the sermon or would like to review it during the week can easily access the recording on their mobile device while on the train, tram or anywhere they have a spare time. Even while driving they can listen to audio podcasts. If they find a particularly inspiring sermon, they can easily share it with their social network through the mobile app’s social sharing function.
  2. Blog. This is another must have. The blog should be updated at least once a week. It should include various topics such as sermon summary, book reviews, mission updates, commentaries on relevant news, etc. The post can be written by the pastor/priest or any Church member. Cross posting with other Churches and outside contributors can be included sparingly.
  3. Social feeds. Plug in status updates from Facebook and Twitter. While the members are on the app, they might as well get all the updates from the Church in the app. This is good as not all posts on Facebook will be seen by every member, particularly those with lots of friends. They often get tons of updates and might miss an important information about the Church. But within the mobile app, all relevant posts from the Church will be available for browsing.
  4. Events calendar. This is another very useful piece of information that is often overlooked. How often do we scramble to find last week’s Church liturgy paper to find out the details for an upcoming event? With a handy calendar function, all event details will be available within the mobile app.

Those are four dynamic content that every Church mobile app must have. Make sure the app becomes a central point to bring various content into the hand of your members.

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