Facebook Competitions

Launching a new product?

Improving brand awareness?

Rewarding loyal customers?

Let us help you achieve your campaign objectives by designing and managing captivating Facebook competitions


Low entry barrier, sharing encouraged by giving more points each share for greater chance of winning


Encourage engagement by asking users to answer a short question and show their wit to their friends

Photo Competition

Let your fans showcase creative uses of your products and inspire the world. You gain massive visibility among your fans’ network of friends.

Our package


All inclusive package
30 day campaign
Includes $99 Facebook Advertising


We generate creative competition ideas and formulate a winning strategy for maximum campaign exposure


Our artistic graphic designers will create captivating landing pages to entice your audience to enter the competition


We post engaging content for your fans and compels them to share with their network of friends

Ad Management

We manage and optimize your Facebook ads for maximum return on investment


Our technical team will monitor and analyse campaign statistics to optimize settings and ensure the competition runs smoothly


Our professionally drafted competition terms and conditions can easily be customised to suit your campaign


We are happy to help should you require assistant anytime during the campaign