What to do when your customer is wrong?

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We all have heard these phrases:. “The customer is king”, “The customer is always right”. Well, not really. The customer might be king, but they are not always right. What to do when you are approached by a potential customer, asking for the wrong product or service? You probably try to advise them gently that what they want is not … Read More

Better is the end of a thing than its beginning

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Sometimes we embark on an ambitious project with much fanfare, only to run out of steam midway and abandon it altogether. An unfinished work has little use. It is much better to undertake a more modest project and actually finish it. You will have produced something meaningful. So next time you are embarking on a project, convince yourself that you … Read More

3 reasons for running a Facebook competition campaign

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Have you ever considered running a social media competition as part of your social media strategy? Well if you haven’t perhaps it’s time you did. Running a competition properly and effectively is a great way to connect with your customers and boost awareness of your business. We’re not saying that a contest is the be all and end all within … Read More