3 reasons for running a Facebook competition campaign

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Have you ever considered running a social media competition as part of your social media strategy? Well if you haven’t perhaps it’s time you did. Running a competition properly and effectively is a great way to connect with your customers and boost awareness of your business. We’re not saying that a contest is the be all and end all within your Social Media Marketing ammunition but they definitely should be a part of all social media marketers’ toolkits.Here are three of the main reasons that we think businesses are the real winners of social media competitions:
  1. Contests are a great way to build the size of your online community.
    If you are looking to grow your Facebook page in terms of the number of likes you have a contest is one of the most effective methods of doing this. The offer of a prize gives a new audience an incentive to follow your social media account. On Facebook we have seen our clients’ page numbers increase by 1000s in a short amount of time by using a competition tab. Of course this is not the only way to measure the success of a page but it does show the power of a promotion.
  2. Contests are useful for acquiring information about your customers.
    Competitions can be a great way of gaining valuable information about your customers. I think that you’ll find that when prizes are at stake, the masses are prepared to share information with you as part of the entry mechanism. This can be great if you are looking to increase your email database or learn about certain trends within your consumer base. Of course you don’t want to introduce too many barriers so it is best to keep this ‘question asking’ fairly limited and tied in with the competition.
  3. Contests are a great tool that can help you to increase engagement on your social media platforms.
    Generally if the contest is run in the right way you will attract new and relevant fans. This will lead to an increase in comments, shares, retweets, likes, pins and more as you have now got a community who is will stick around to see what goes on your page. There is also the option of running a user-generated content promotion such as a video or photo competition that can lead to a strengthened connection. Not only does this help quench man’s thirst for his fifteen minutes of fame but it also leads to participants being naturally invested not only in the outcome but how many people look at their photo or video.

Have you ever run a competition? If so how did it go?  If you have any further questions or are looking for some help in running your own competition feel free to get in contact with us here at Social Media Team!

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